Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Our question and answer section summarizes the questions that Likable Plces users most frequently ask. Here you will find information about the necessary documents to rent a room in a shared apartment or how to book online. Do you have any questions that do not appear in this section? Contact us through:

When your reservation request is accepted by the owner we will notify you by email or SMS before 12 hours. The total amount of the reservation will be charged to your account. We only transfer the advertiser 48 hours after your move as long as you confirm that everything is as agreed with the advertiser and what the advertisement says. If you do not tell us anything we will send it automatically at 48 hours. You have that time to indicate any mishap.

The law requires you to have insurance that covers the accommodation you rent, regardless of the duration of the rental period. Each policy is different and offers different levels of protection. To know the options, contact your insurance company.

These documents can be:

1. Identity document (DNI, passport or driving license in force).
2. Academic proof or internship contract.
3. References from your bank, guarantor, employer, previous landlord or other.
4. Bank or guarantor data
5. The last 3 payrolls.
6. Proof of residence
7. The last tax return

As a landlord you must request a deposit, in addition to the first month of rent. You decide the amount but a deposit of more than one month’s rent can deter users. Remember that to reserve the room, the user must pay the first month of rent. The return of the deposit must be arranged between the tenant and the landlord, be it an agency, an owner or a roommate, in accordance with the conditions of the contract.